Talib Islam Didn't Like America Very Much

We're talking about the moron who tried to blow up the Federal Building in Springfield Illinois

Via Jihad Watch: Tall and red-haired, Mr. Finton, 29, was known among co-workers as cheerful and polite, but unwavering when it came to religion and politics. He was especially critical of what he regarded as permissive society.

"He didn't like America very much," said Mariam Fadel, 18, who works the counter at Seals. "He didn't think it was strict enough. He thought we needed more rules, so that people would behave."

She recalled him talking about a troubled childhood that included running away from foster care. He also spoke of hopes to leave the United States someday, she said, and settle in Saudi Arabia.

Hmmm. He's named Talib as in Taliban, wants to blow stuff up and also wants to leave the U.S. and settle in Saudi Arabia.

Nope no red flags there.


What do you have against red headed Englishmen named Finton anyway, you raaaaycyst bastages!

Posted by: Howie at 09:10 AM


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