Imperial Good News: Iraqis Ruin AQI's Weekend

The Emergency Response Brigade’s 3rd Battalion arrests 16 alleged terrorists.
Weapons caches found in Diyala (Baqubah)
ISF arrests Ramadi VBIED cell member, 5 additional suspected terrorists (Baghdad)
Six suspects arrested during search for al-Qaeda emirs
Iraqi and U.S. Forces detain insurgents in Kirkuk (Kirkuk)
12 arrested in Mosul, Bayji security operations
Iraqi Security Forces arrest five suspected terrorists

Last week AQI released a video attempting to show their relevance in Iraq. This butt kicking appears to be a response to that by the Iraqi's.

Maybe AQI should change their name to "The Base of Wannabe Jihadi Losers in Iraq". I'm not sure how to say that in Arabic.

You can keep up with all the progress made in Iraq at MNF-Iraq's website here.

Posted by: Howie at 11:25 AM


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