Traitors Among Us

Here's my latest piece at Pajamas Media. In it, I note that it was a good week for counterterrorism:

To recap, this week alone we have news of four separate plots by Islamic extremists to commit acts of terrorism against Americans either on U.S. soil or abroad. It was also revealed that a fifth previously disclosed plot had a domestic target in mind.

Altogether, five people were indicted this week within the U.S. on terrorism-related charges. Five more were arrested.

Read it all. Let me thank Mike, Vinnie, and Barbarossa for some of the details about all those arrests this week.

But 24 hours after writing it I now see that I kind of missed the larger point. 9 of the ten people either arrested or indicted this week were American citizens. That's an awful lot of traitors walking among us. 10 outed this week, but how many more undetected?

I'm on iPhone now, so can't upload a visual. But if I was going to pick an image it would be of Rowdy Roddy Piper in John Carpenter's They Live.

Posted by: Rusty at 08:47 PM


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