NBC changes story over Dateline producer's "Bite me Jew boy" email

Last night I noted the Big Government report that NBC Dateline producer and NYU journalism institute faculty member Jane Stone had sent a text message to Alex Rosenwald of Americans for Limited Government in response to a press release critical of ACORN. The text Rosenwald received from Stone's Blackberry was "Bite me, Jew boy".

Initially, Stone denied that she sent any text. Now she and her NBC overlords are claiming that she DID send a text message, but that it didn't contain the offending comment. Thus, they are claiming that Rosenwald is lying. Americans for Limited Government is standing their ground.

This could get interesting. What ALG needs to do is release a copy of the email with the headers.

Matt Vadum has all the updates on this story over at Big Government. Email exchange below the fold:

Bite me Jew boy! -

Posted by: Barbarossa at 02:01 PM


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