Bad News: Fat American Traitor Appears on New al Qaeda Video


Adam Gadahn, America's only indicted traitor, appears in a new as Sahab produced video for al Qaeda.

Here's a synopsis of the video: 9/11 was justified. Global Jewish conspiracy. Americans are mean to terrorists or something. Oh, and death to America!

Really, at this point is there anything that al Qaeda can say that hasn't been said before? The only reason I even posted on the rather long and boring (2 parts? Don't you understand brevity Adam? This was worse than English Patient!) propaganda piece is that Gadahn makes an appearance. Which means, unfortunately, the Dodger loving Orange County, California native is still alive.

I guess Zawahiri still needs someone to shave his balls. And roam around the local Pashtun villages in search of the next 11 year old Mrs. al-Libi.

Your turn will come Pearlman. Oh yes, it will. And when it does I will have the last laugh.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:36 PM


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