Yemen's Military Bombs a Refugee Camp, and a Market

The Yemeni government in the last 48 hours bombed a market full of civilians, killing mostly women and children. They also bombed the refugee camp near Sufian killing 85 refugees. There is no food, water or medicine moving into the Sa'ada region which is under a strict blockade since war resumed on August 12. With 150,000 internal refugees, the civilian population of 700,000 is undergoing a genocide.

On a broader level, it has been proven time and time again that Yemeni President Saleh's regime is not reformable, although many still cling to this illusion. The issues underlying the fighting in the north are those at the core of the uprising in the south. With oil revenues at 25% of last year's levels, once the regime can't make its payrolls, the state being the largest employer in Yemen, all hell is going to break lose.

Warning: These Youtube links contain very graphic shots of dead people and fried children: Youtube vid1 and youtube vid2 and youtube vid3

from Free Aden: The youtube links show the massacre of the “Soq Al Taleh” on 14/9/2009 caused by the Yemeni air fighters. Some eyes witnessed speak about the massacre, in Arabic, and describe that they were normal people doing their shopping and hit during the peak time of shopping including kids, females, and food sellers. They Yemeni government claims it was a gathering of the Hothies fighters!!
The next day, civilian refugees who fled the war in Sa'ada were bombed:

Al Eshteraki:
Killed 85 displaced people, mostly women and children, Dozens of dead and wounded in the bombing of military aircraft for a gathering of displaced people... The sources added that a second air strike hit the IDPs (internally displaced persons) during their escape to one of the terraces of the streams. According to sources, that the displaced people stranded in the region since the beginning of the war, where relief organizations can not reach them

More on Yemen here.

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