Van Jones Caught on Organizing Committee of 9-11 Truther 2002

Nice catch here by Gateway Pundit. There's no denying it now - this guy wasn't just a Truther - he was one of the early advocates of this whole mental illness called 9-11 Trutherism, and he kept his toes in it for years. And he's going on record denying that he had any idea what was going on here.

He's either a buffoonish moron without three brain cells to rub together, or he's a 9-11 Truther loonbat. Either way, he's got to go, Barry.

Unfortunately for Van Jones and Obama, this was much worse than initially thought - this promo for a SF march to support an investigation into 9-11 (with the presumption that it was a false flag attack used to justify war) that GP dug up was from only FOUR MONTHS AFTER 9-11, where the rubble was literally still smoking.

And Van Jones - Obama's Green Jobs Czar - was organizing and promoting 9-11 conspiracy theories publicly and openly. Now, this piece of garbage has the ear of the President of the United States.


Posted by: Good Lt. at 08:42 AM


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