Adam Gadahn / Yousef al-Khattab's Secret Blown Wide Open by 9/11 Truthers

Watch and laugh at your own risk, people. These nutjobs actually believe the Jews were really behind 9/11. And they vote. Seems more like scary to me than funny.

Anyway, think of that as you try not to chuckle at the overuse of the phrase "so-called". It's as if throwing out "so-called" before you state any number of facts is some kind of deep seeded analysis. Also scary-funny? The inflection in his voice when saying that these videos were meant to make al Qaeda "look really bad".

Also making al Qaeda look really bad? 9/11.

But I'm sure not a single reader of this blog knew that Adam Pearlman Gadahn or Joseph Cohen Yousef al-Khattab were formerly Jews.

Gasp!! Horror!!

The hidden hand of the Jew, once more revealed.

That's a deep dark hidden secret that was finally revealed today by the same crew that brought you Loose Change.

WARNING: Do not consume any beverages near screen while watching video.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:14 PM


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