Muslim Terrorists Behind Beheadings Killed/Captured

Good news: The Abu Sayyaf terrorists who had recently beheaded a farmer they were holding hostage and who had just released three female teachers have been captured and killed.

Philippine troops stormed a jungle hide-out of Muslim militants Wednesday, killing at least two rebel commanders and eight gunmen allegedly involved in a wave of kidnappings for ransom in the troubled south, officials said....

The target was a motley group of al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf militants and local gangsters believed to have been involved in the recent beheading of a kidnapped farmer and the abduction of three teachers who were freed Tuesday...

The Abu Sayyaf, blacklisted by Washington as a terrorist organization, is still holding at least seven hostages, including a Sri Lankan peace activist on Basilan and an Italian Red Cross worker on nearby Jolo, two predominantly Muslim areas where the militants operate.

May they all die a violent and ignoble death.

Posted by: Rusty at 01:44 PM


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