Shabaab's al Qaeda and GIMF Connections

NEFA's "Shabaab al-Mujahideen: Migration and Jihad in the Horn of Africa" [PDF] is destined to be an invaluable resource in the hands of counter-terror analysts. If you don't have a copy and you are a serious researcher then you need to get it.

I would especially point out the chapters outlining the connections of Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, Osama bin Laden, and the Black Hawk Down incident which al Qaeda claims responsibility (although the point remains controversial just to how deep their involvement was). As we've pointed out in recent weeks, Aweys -- designated a foreign terrorist by the U.S. State Department -- is now a leading figure in the State Department backed government. Troubling, no?

Also, the chapter showing the al-Shabaab propaganda strategy is informative. As it happens, the report quotes Samir Khan's (quoted as "inshallahshaheed") reaction to the loss of several Shabaab websites. You're welcome.


The report further notes that Shabaab has designated the European based Global Islamc Media Front (GIMF) as their official media outlet. GIMF today is to Shabaab what al-Furqan was to the Islamic State of Iraq or what as-Sahab is to al Qaeda in Asia.

Samir Khan. GIMF. Why do those two things seem to have a common thread in my mind? Oh, yeah.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:19 PM


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