Terror in Netherlands? Two Killed in Attack on Dutch Royal Family (Updated)


UPDATE: Looks like the just some evil nut theory will hold.

Sudden jihad syndrome in the Netherlands or just some nut? Given the myriad of threats against that country over the years by violent Islamists, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if it was the former.

No reports on what could possibly have motivated someone to try to kill the Dutch Queen Beatrix and several other royal family members as they prepared to greet a crowd celebrating Queen's Day. Although all the royals seem unscathed, it appears that two four people were killed in the incident and many more hurt. What is not clear if those killed were innocent bystanders, one of those trying to kill the Queen, or both.

I'll keep scanning the media to see if more info is available.

Here's a video from Dutch TV showing the crash. You won't understand the narration but the video shows the small Suzuki Swift hitting a monument of some sort. The camera pans to the crowd where you can clearly see some injured bystanders. You can also see CPR being administered to one of the victims.


UPDATE: AFP reporting four dead, not two. Also claim that drive is still alive so all killed were victims.

Police now are saying a) it was a deliberate attack, not an accident b) there is no indication of terrorist links.

But given that the police always say that individual acts of jihad aren't terrorism, who can tell at this point?

UPDATE: Various media sources claim the killer is 38 year old man with no history of mental illness. Still no word on a name. If you find a name, do me a favor and shoot me an email.

UPDATE: One child killed and at least one -- possible two -- of those killed were police officers.

Check out this pic. Hundreds of people were there with cameras, so I suppose we will be seeing many more images like it.


UPDATE: Pic of driver. Thanks to Dan.

Klik hier voor meer gratis...

: Dan says he has a name: K.R. Tates. So, just some evil nut?

: Just an evil nut apparently. AP:
Dutch media, citing neighbors, said the assailant recently was fired from his job and was to be evicted from his home. Police identified him as a 38-year-old Dutch man with no history of mental illness or police record, but they would not release his name.

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