Video: American Traitor Adam Gadahn 3/12/09 Video
Confirmed: Al Qaeda Loves the Left!
UPDATED: Video Added

A new video shows America's only indicted traitor, Adam Gadahn, railing on and on with paranoid conspiracy theories. We have the video which was released on the usual Islamic forums last night. Expect updates as Howie is currently uploading the video. [UPDATE: Video added at end of post]

The video is titled, "How to prevent a repeat of the Gaza holocaust." Gadahn is only one of the al Qaeda spokesmen on the video.

Interestingly, the video was released with an accompanying document which the forums label a "handbook" entitled "route clearance". I'm downloading the handbook now. No idea what it is.

In the video Gadahn can be seen sitting at a table in what looks like a tent. He claims the economic crisis is Allah's punishment on American. Apparently the dirt poor conditions of much of the Islamic world goes unnoticed by the Orange County, California native.

Expect updates. We should have the video up soon. I haven't watched the whole thing through yet. Might have more commentary when I do.

Thanks to Laura Mansfield for the tip and the vid.

UPDATE: So I downloaded the "route clearance" document. It's actually a U.S. Army publication from the Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) from 2006. It has "Sgt. McBean" written on it as if it belonged to a soldier at one time. Weird.

UPDATE: Synopsis of video narrated by Gadahn.

America bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Bombed North Vietnam. America is evil. Yadayada.

There's a lot of stock footage from old anti-war propaganda. Looks like Gadahn has been reading a lot of Chomsky lately.

Stupid depleted uranium conspiracy theories. Hey, idiots, there's a reason it's called depleted.

Evil America kills civilians in Afghanistan. America is presented as intentionally killing civilians. Al Qaeda, says Gadahn, doesn't.

The theme of the video seems to be exactly in line with the Leftist version of history: America is bad, mmmkay.

In fact, at some points, Gadahn seems to have taken some anti-war documentary and inserted it wholesale for several minutes. One journalist shown is Norman Solomon.

Solomon produced a video called "War Made Easy" which featured Sean Penn traveling through Iraq. I haven't seen the video, but this might be where Gadahn and the other al Qaeda members who work in the media department took the video from.

It's also a reflection of how terrorists use Leftist criticisms of American power to their own advantage.

Also, Sean Penn is a prick. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

UPDATE: Gadahn finally is shown. Obama is just a continuation of the relationship between the forces of evil: Israel and the US

Charles Freeman's withdrawal shows influence of Jewish lobby. Gadahn claims that the Zionist lobby is behind a campaign to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people.

It's funny that only when talking about the evil Jews that Gadahn, born a Jew, thinks it's important enough to merit his appearance.

Super funny moment: Gadahn shows the Vice-Presidential debates and has a long winded speech by Joe Biden. When the camera pans over to show Sarah Palin, she's blurred out.

Sarah Palin: too hot for al Qaeda!

UPDATE: Gadahn makes another appearance. This time he quotes John Perkins phrase "corporatocracy" from his book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" to describe the Jewis corporations that run American foreign policy.

Gadahn actually has both of Perkins' books, including his book The Secret History of American Empire, on the desk as he talks. More evidence of the convergence of the extreme Left and Islamist terrorists.

Where did Gadahn pick up these books? Does deliver to Waziristan?

UPDATE: I'm over halfway through the 1.5 hour long propaganda film. After about 1/3 of the way it just seems to be old footage of bin Laden, battle scenes, al Libi. In other words, a lot of the video is just old stuff.

UPDATE: Okay, about an hour in Gadahn comes back on and begins to talk about the CALL document. He claims the fact that Americans are dying in Iraq is proof that the US isn't following the advice of the document, which talks about how to avoid IED attacks. This shows, claims Gadahn, that America has not learned its lessons.

Really, Adam? How many Americans have been killed in Iraq over the last month? Isn't the answer two?

Adam Gadahn really is a moron.

Also, earlier I had reported that Gadahn seemed to be in a tent. Actually, it looks like he's just draped tan canvas over the walls.

UPDATE: Interesting. About 1:10 into it, video is shown of al Qaeda members training for an attack on a US base -- they claim its Camp Salerno. The fighters are dressed in what appear to be regular military uniforms, including helmets. They look indistinguishable from ANA personnel.

I wonder if dressing as ANA is a ruse or if al Qaeda is now taking itself seriously as an "army" and now trying to dress the part?

UPDATE: Video ends with Osama bin Laden begging for money. Serious.

I imagine Gadahn is too stupid to see the contradictions here. That he starts the video claiming the recession is evidence that God hates America, yet ends the video with a plea from bin Laden for more money.

UPDATE: Sorry, Howie and I keep rebuilding at the same time which erases what the other is doing. Here's the video again.

direct link to Google video copy

Update the last (I hope): Thanks to Ed Morissey for the link. In Ed's post he mentions that Gadahn will someday have a cruise missile dropped on his treasonous ass. That assumes we know where Gadahn is.

I'm not saying I know exactly where Gadahn is, but this latest release actually gives us good reason to think he's still in the greater Afghanistan/Pakistan area. Trust me, there's more here than meets the eye.

Not that we didn't suspect that any way, but we can pretty much rule out anywhere outside the area now. Which was a fear given that for awhile we didn't where he was and there was at least some minor concern that he would show up in Europe, or worse.

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