Woman Gets 3 Yrs Probation for Pro-Jihad Leaflets

This story is interesting in that it quotes someone saying that Shelle Roma "was an isolated, self-motivated person" when she distributed leaflets at the local mosque praising al Qaeda and calling on Muslims to join the global jihad. Yet the article fails to mention the fate of her husband, Amjad Mahmood, who was also charged with distributing the leaflets. In fact, it mentions him only in passing:

The pamphlet contained an essay, "The Call", encouraging jihad.

The eight-page essay mentioned the 9/11 attacks and the war on terror, and repeatedly asked: "Will you go to Jihad (holy war)?"

It ended: "Jihad: the choice is yours." ...

Judge Clement Goldstone QC said Roma had "sought to distribute them in two ways, by leaving them in your home for anyone who wanted to help themselves too, and, more significantly, by giving them to your husband to distribute outside the mosque to which normal, practising Muslims had gone to pray".

So, if the husband -- Amjad Mahmood -- was the one distributing the pamphlet, what became of him? Were the charges against him dropped? Any one know? The story kind of implies that she was the brains behind the operation, and he was only her tool.

Thanks to the "bros".

Posted by: Rusty at 03:03 PM


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