Yemen: Babies Sold from Jail

These are not random cases of rape. Its an organized system of forced prostitution. Authorities profit. In Taiz, there's a substantial number of babies born to women who were in jail for more than a year.

Yemen Post: Newborns of female prisoners at Yemen’s central jails are subjected to be sold, an organization interested in prisoner affairs said on Saturday. The Sajeen Organization said at a symposium on female prisoners in Yemen that most prisoners are tortured at jails and sometimes raped. And when they try to protest maltreatment and illegal acts they are threatened by officials at the jails...For her part, Amal Al-Basha, Chairwoman of the Sisters Forum said violations against female prisoner rights take place with permission from the leadership. She added that human rights organizations and activists are prevented from meeting female prisoners in the country, criticizing arrest and imprisonment measures.

Posted by: JaneNovak at 09:44 AM


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