Shocka!!! Dayana Mendoza (Miss Universe) Writes About Her Visit To GITMO, Outrage Ensues

Huff and Puff:

Miss Universe visitis GITMO, a Loooot of fun

Maybe the Miss Universe pageant can select finalists by waterboarding them during the swimsuit competition.

Miss Universe HAS to be a Republican!

There's simply no other plausible explanation...

And Alternet:
OMG GITMO! Miss Universe finds it relaxing, calm and beautiful!!!
I am posting it in its entirety, in case the original post is removed for being just too damn embarrassing to beauty queens everywhere. (Perhaps somewhere Miss Teen South Carolina is feeling a little bit better.)
Don't appear to appreciate Miss Universe thoughts on GITMO. Her write up was a bit silly, but that's besides the point. Unfortunately for the left, she didn't speak of torture, waterboarding, prisoner abuse. Her omission of the aforementioned puts her in a league, according to the leftist, of idiots.

Deep down in the bowels of their conscious they really worry, ..."OMG, what if the Messiah doesn't close GITMO?".....

UPDATE by Rsluty: PICS!!

Posted by: Stable Hand at 06:58 PM


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