Good News: Wanted Terrorist "Escapes" "House Arrest"

Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys was one of the first men designated a terrorist by the U.S. State Department after 9/11 under the Patriot Act (Nov. 7, 2001). Prior to 9/11, Aweys spent much of the 1990s leading al-Itihaad al-Islamiya (AIAI), which was largely funded by Osama bin Laden and which worked closely with al Qaeda fighters.

After 9/11, Aweys served in the Islamic Court Union led government but broke away when the Ethiopians invaded when he helped form the al-Shabaab Youth Mujahideen movement, al Qaeda's present affiliate in Somalia.

Recently Shabaab disowned Aweys since he publicly supports the new ICU led government.

The good news is that Aweys has been in Eritrea of late and, according to some sources inside Somalia, has been placed under "house arrest" by that government.

The bad news is that Awey is said to have "escaped" house arrest and fled, presumably, to Sudan. House arrest: a euphemism for we're sitting on our asses doing nothing.


The Eritrean security forces are in search for the Islamist leader of Alliance for Re-liberation of Somalia Sheik Hassan Daahir Aweys who was disappeared mid last night after long been under house arrest in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, officials said on Saturday...

Officers belonging to the Eritrean intelligence service said they are looking for the Islamist leader in Kenya and Sudan but reliable sources confirmed to waagacusub Media that Aweys is in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan where he is seeking for refuge.

We'll see if he finally shows up in Mogadishu and attempts to return to his former post on the ICU's Sharia council. If he does, then I think it will be very clear just where this new "government" is headed.

Posted by: Rusty at 01:48 PM


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