Man Arrested Three Times on Terror Related Charges Also Raising Money for "Orphanage" that (shock) Turns Out Was Terrorist Training Camp

This is just so rich, I don't know where to start? The guys at National Terror Alert sent the story, so I'll link to them:

A British charity worker twice cleared of terror charges in this country is being hunted in Bangladesh after explosives were seized at an orphanage he founded.
In addition to making small arms, the orphanage/madrassa is suspected of being a training camp for Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh.

The good news? An update on the story from today is that Dr. Faisal Mostafa has been arrested in Bangladesh.

The bad news?

Mostafa was given a suspended sentence for trying to board a aeroplane at Manchester airport last November with a a gas-powered pistol in his suitcase.

In 2002, Mostafa was cleared of conspiracy to cause explosions, after a surveillance operation in Birmingham in 2000....

As well as being acquitted of the 2002 charges, Mostafa was cleared during a trial 13 years ago of conspiring to cause explosions.

By my count that's three terror related charges against Mostafa, not two. Why does it not surprise me one bit that a guy with a terror track record has been raising funds in Britain for a terrorist training camps in Bangladesh?

Back to National Terror Alert:

‘The matter is of serious concern to us.’Mostafa, who has a PhD in chemistry from Manchester Polytechnic'
Ph.D. in chemistry. Terror supporter. Philanthropist. What could possibly go wrong?

Posted by: Rusty at 10:57 AM


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