Democrat Looter Government Intends To Bankrupt Coal Industry

Next on Obama's chopping block of Hope-n-Change? Coal power. As Charles notes, he's just keeping a campaign promise. Actually, Biden the dunce and Obama said completely the opposite things on the campaign trial, pretending to be all things to all people.

Oil's next.

Ten bucks says that within three years, there will be regular, rolling brownouts due to the lack of power "green" energy is supplying. In a prolonged recession from raised taxes. With several trillion in deficit spending.

I'll give Vice Duncident Biden credit - he once remarked at a campaign event that it wouldn't initially appear that he and President O-Jesus would be doing the right thing once in power.

He was right - it doesn't appear they're doing the right thing at all. It appears that way because they aren't doing the right thing and they know it. If one grants that premise, you are left with few other alternatives to consider other than they're either really, really stupid, or they're doing this on purpose.

I don't know which scenario I detest more.

Posted by: Good Lt. at 12:45 PM


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