"Americans United For Change" Smear Ad

One of many of George Soros funded groups. Video was uploaded today.
Source Watch:

[1] AUC is a "liberal, labor-funded group" previously known as Americans United to Protect Social Security, according to FactCheck.org. [2]

Brad Woodhouse is President of Americans United for Change, communications director for USAction, and listed as a press contact for Americans Against Escalation in Iraq.

AUC's "chief mission ... for the next two years is to amplify the progressive message - to contribute to a grass roots groundswell for progressive policies. Progressives need to redefine 'common sense' - by reasserting the primacy of the traditional progressive values that resonate with most Americans" and "define for the American people what Progressives stand for - both our policies and programs and our fundamental values."

Pushing dear Leaders agenda.

h/t Dequalss

Update: If you feel so inclined post your comment at YouTube vid site here. Even the competition so to speak.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 12:10 AM


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