Huh? "Big Brother" Obama Supporters On The Internet Are Watching You

These idiots are even posting names, license plate numbers, etc. of anyone who dare speak mean of the Messiah or who they perceive as a danger. Note to self, investigate thoroughly

From CFP

While the Obama-led Democrats control the future of the United States of America, the grassroots on the Internet (The Obama Forum) are in the process of turning in “enemies of Obama”, including the parents of children who are Obama supporters.

Obama supporting children have actually posted their parents’ names and addresses on the Obama Forum. (here).

In all of its searches, Canada Free Press (CFP) has found no comment from any official in the Obama administration repudiating the Forum.

The instructs people to “Report Anti-Obama Sentiment By Your Coworkers and Peers (here) and more[...]

But Obamameisters in darker corners have a thread just for what to do with their : perceived enemies: ... More...

Damn crazy people.[some] These is gonna be a long four years.

h/t Stuck-in-Ca

Update: It's a parody? Upon further reading [see above] the posts...yup, some avatars and comments are very racist in nature. You want to do a parody? Leave out the racism. I am not a fan of Obama as most know---but---racism sucks testes.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 04:55 PM


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