America's Last Draftee: "I'm A Relic"


(Removed my rant)
This "draftee" has seen it all. Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane), siding with the enemy as well as John Kerry (our soldiers killed innocent civilians in the dead of the night) and John Murtha's rant against the Marines so called Haditha incident, which he hasn't apologized for calling them "cold blooded killers".
America's generals love to brag about their all-volunteer Army. That's because they tend to overlook Jeffrey Mellinger. He donned his Army uniform for the first time on April 18, 1972, about the time the Nixon Administration was seeking "peace with honor" in Vietnam and The Godfather was opening on the silver screen. Nearly 37 years later, he's still wearing Army green. Mellinger is, by all accounts, the last active-duty draftee serving in the U.S. Army
"I'm a relic," Mellinger concedes with a self-deprecating laugh. But the last of the nearly 2 million men ordered to serve in the Vietnam-era military before conscription ended in 1973 still impresses 19-year-old soldiers. "Most of them are surprised I'm still breathing, because in their minds I'm older than dirt," the fit 55-year-old says. "But they're even more surprised when they find out this dinosaur can still move around pretty darn quick."
Yes, a 55yr-year-old can still show his stuff! Thank you for your service sir!

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