(Updated & Bumped) Yousef Al-Khattab in Hot Water for Threatening Jews, Calls Jawa Report "Queers"

203591.jpgApparently one of Yousef's posts was picked up on by the Jewish community, who took it as an incitement against a Jewish center in NYC.

Via Chabad.info:

Tuesday, there was a huge police presence following threats that were made against the community on a Muslim blog This morning, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly made a phone call to Chanina Sperlin from the inauguration ceremony in Washington DC, to discuss threats against 770 Last week, the Department of Homeland Security sponsored the installation of security systems in and around 770
So Yousef finally cost NYC a big pile of money to protect a Jewish community center and synagogue? I bet it will take him a while to pay that off, that is if he's actually held responsible for this.

After a little digging it turns out that Yousef has deleted the post that caused all the stir. But thanks to the wonders of the Google cache you can see it here.

By looking at the post it does resemble Yousef's work. (he has more than one contributor at his website) He is apparently outing the location of the Jewish center to those who read his website. The post lacks a direct threat saying only

Make EVERY attempt to reach these people and teach them the message of Islam or leave them a message from Islam.
But then again Yousef has equated Jews with an "infestation" and calls himself a "disinfectant", and has repeatedly celebrated the murder of Jews at the hands of terrorists. His opinion is well known and quite clear.

Is this an overreaction to Yousef's regular carefully worded anti-Semitic statements? Well maybe, but we at Jawa Report are pretty jaded to Yousef's rantings, but we sure do enjoy watching him sweat and take down his posts.

Others blogging, Militant Islam Monitor, Shirat Devorah, The Cool Jew and Freedomscost.

Oh and in case anyone wonders who helps Yousef al-Khattab spread his Jooo hatred, Yousef's DNS service and host is GoDaddy.

GoDaddy TOS here.


If someone were to say, find violations of Go Daddy's TOS and email them. Then say if revolutionmuslim.com was removed for those said TOS violations, we'd like that very much.

Hat Tip: heroyalwhyness.

Update by Stable Hand:

Jewish convert to Islam Joseph Cohen aka Yousef al-Khattab is speaking out about the NYPD visiting him regarding the threat on his blog, Revolution Muslim, to a Jewish center at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.

For those of you unaware who Joey is feel free to visit our archive devoted to him.

Feeling the heat eh Jooooey? Is that a lump in your throat?

Karma's a bitch ain't it. Bwahahahaha.

Updated again by Howie.

Wow! Jawa Report gets a mention! You hear that Vinnie? He called you teh ghey.

But Jooosef, we did not have anything to do with this, you screwed yourself. I didn't even know any of those other blogs that started this. All kinds of Zionist Internet Spies just started emailing me out of the blue. Seriously, I'm completely innocent, I swear!

But Vinnie is still teh ghey.

Hat Tip and Thanks to teh evil Zionist, Bill Warner for Yousef's response.

Also see Jihad Watch.

Update by Rusty: Juice!

Note: The video that brought the NYC police to visit Yousef al-kHattab's house is here. He re-posted partially the post that started the whole episode here.

Posted by: Howie at 01:20 PM


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