Hope, Change Breaking Out On The High Seas

Iranians shipping arms to... someone.

The search turned up ammunition that included artillery shells. But one official said that since Hamas is not known to use artillery, officials are now uncertain who the intended recipient was. They're asking Egypt to do another search when the ship arrives in port.

Israeli officials said they believe the ship was headed for Hezbollah, not Hamas, FOX News has learned.

Six of one, half dozen of the other. Just happy to see the mullahs are embracing the sweet rainbows of love that have been sweeping the world since Tuesday.

And the arms and ammo on the ship? Thanks to the lovely U.N., they'll most likely make it to their intended recipient.

The task force was unable to confiscate the arms, despite the violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution that prohibits Iran from selling arms, because there is no enforcement mechanism in place.

The officials said the shipment is believed to be on its way to Syria and there is little the international community can do to stop it.

Where's Hans Brix when you need him?

Posted by: Vinnie at 04:32 PM


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