Yemeni Arms Fuels Instability in Somalia

Yemen the main source of illegal arms to Somalia: UN

Jane Novak for the Yemen Times

SANA'A, Dec. 27 A UN investigation found Yemen is the primary source of arms and ammunition to Somalia which has been under an arms embargo since 1992. The panel of independent experts monitoring the embargo also reported arms smuggling from Yemen intersects with acts of piracy and human trafficking. The findings were presented in a December 10 report to the UN Security Council.

The report notes commercial weapons imports from Yemen supply Somali retail markets as well as opposition and criminal groups. The Yemeni government's inability to stem the large scale arms trafficking is "a key obstacle to the restoration of peace and security to Somalia," the panel found. The UN Security Council extended the monitoring group's mandate for another year.

Read the rest at the Yemen Times including the part that says the weapons are shipped from ports controlled by the military.

Posted by: JaneNovak at 12:29 PM


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