Hey Abushabaab Al-ansaari Over Here!

Ya'll might remember there was an English website for Al-shabaab (the African Taliban of Losers in Somalia) that was located here on wordpress. Not and "official" website. Just, you know, some guy who claims to translate al-Shabaab's statements to English out of the kindness of his heart for information purposes.

In fact he's looking for another translator now, or was till his website died. His engrish not so gooood.



Hey Abushabaab Al-ansaari!

It turns out that Abushabaab Al-ansaari! who ran that blog wants to give our Fatwa to Bill Warner?!

Via Email from Bill: From: Abushabaab Al-ansaari
To: BW
Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2008 11:28 AM

your efforts along with your other jewish friends paid off by the looks of it, i know you're probably Jewish with an Israeli passport probably, but insha'allah i will be back with another blog. but i can take one thing from this as a conciliation, Al-shabaab are poised to take over Mogadishu soon!

You know what i could say the same thing for nick berg, both animals died the same way, only one for them got a burial which unusual for a Jewish pig when mujahideen put the knife to his throat, personally i would've dumped him in a cesspool but i guess no rat of cockroach would his body around them!oh yes, you can share this message with your readers , especially its coming from a muslim". "ALLAH be praised! Abu ayyash Al ansaari".......



Only problem is it was not Bill. It was a different Zionist Internet Spy/friend of Jawa. He complained to wordpress on 12/24 and the site was removed 12/26. I have proof, see below the fold. Now where's our Fatwa? We worked (months and months of complaints and superhuman patience) for it and by golly we're not gonna let Bill get OUR DAMNED FATWA! (lol)

Hat Tip: Redacted (you know who you are)

Bonus: Email the African Taliban of Losers


And don't forget to ask him, "How's the weather in London?" Or, if you can translate Somali to English -well- and are a raving mad intolerant murderous Muslime nutbag, apply for his opening. Sammy, er I mean Samantha?

to me, mypetjawa

show details Dec 24 (5 days ago)

I've been reading quite a bit from the Jihatards that Somolia is there next start for the Caliph, a point a rally for the fighters.

I stumbled onto this site on wordpress. Any interest in trying to take it down since someone was successful taking down Samantha Kahn's site??



Howie to redacted

Dec 24 (5 days ago)

Yeah we've seen it before. I dunno. You can email m@wordpress.org. It might go down.

If not maybe after New years.

Kinda busy this AM

On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 8:22 AM, redacted wrote:


Happy Holidays

Posted by: Howie at 06:08 PM


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