LeT Truthers: You Know Who Really Was Behind Mumbai Massacre? Hindus in False Flag Operation

Lashkar-e-Toiba's semi-official newspaper run by the Jamaat-ud-Dawa "charity" in Pakistan goes truther on us and lays the blame for the Mumbai massacre on Hindu extremists. Kind of inevitable for them to go this route and is typical of radical Islamists of the stripe that worry about the PR value of killing civilians. For Arab Muslims you blame the hidden hand of the Jews (eg, see 9/11 Trutherism in Arab world), but it looks like for a Pakistani terrorist organization set on incorporating Kashmir into the greater Islamic Republic, Hindus must be to blame: Mumbai Attacks an Inside Job?:

Anti-Terrorism Squad chief, Hemant Karkare, killed Wednesday night in Mumbai attack, was probing the Malegaon blast case. The 54-year-old Karkare fell to bullets when he was leading an operation at the Taj Hotel....

Shiv Sena, the terrorist Hindu organization which is behind most terrorist incidents of terrorism in India, had on Wednesday threatened in its mouthpiece publication `Saamna` that it would publish the names of some ATS officers and shame them as it said they had tortured the Malegaon suspects.

The logic here is since Karkare was about to announce the results of his investigation into Shiv Sena, the Hindu extremists set up a preemptive false flag operation which prevented him naming names but also had the added benefit of making Muslims -- members of the ever-so-peaceful-religion-of-peace -- look bad. Two birds, one stone.

In related news Jamaat-ud-Dawa sent out a press release "clarifying" that they do not support terrorism nor were they affiliated with Lashkar-e-Toiba. Two days later they published an editorial saying that, well, just read:

those poor oppressed Muslims who fight in defense of their honor and rights are not terrorists, but in fact, the real terrorists are those who commit atrocities and carry out missile attacks against Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and other areas. No one has the right to call a person a terrorist if he takes up arms in his defense after being subjected to terror and oppression, he said....

America, Israel, India, and other false and fallacious powers of the world want to eradicate Islam and Muslims from the face of the earth. He said it does not matter whether it is the republicans, or democrats, NATO, or the UNO, each and every one of them is equally an enemy on Islam and Muslims. He said the 9-11 events were used as an excuse to brand Muslims as terrorists and rain bombs on them, and massacre millions of innocent lives.

It's easy to be against terrorism when you define al Qaeda, the Taliban, and LeT as "freedom fighters" and the U.S, Israel, and India as being the real terrorists.

Thanks to SH who sent me this like four days ago.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:39 PM


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