Two More German GIMF Online Jihadis Arrested

Two more members of the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) have been arrested. They are named only as "Daniel P." (26) and "Harun Can A." (23). They join German "Irfan P" (19) and Austrian "Mohamed M." as GIMF members being prosecuted in Germany & Austria for the collection, translation, and distribution of al Qaeda propaganda and for their encouragement of European Muslims to support violent jihad.

Mohammed M., who with the help of Aaron from Internet Haganah we identified as Mohammed Mahmoud, is the former leader of GIMF and is currently serving time for a plot to plant explosives at U.S. military bases in Europe. His wife was also convicted.

"Irfan P." was already in custody for translating statements from al Qaeda in Iraq and has now been charged with 10 counts of disseminating AQI propaganda. "Daniel P" is charged with 18 counts and "Harun Can A." is charged with four.

GIMF was once an important group to the online jihad support community, many of whom don't speak Arabic. GIMF's main contribution was in translating Arabic statements into German, French, and English for wider dissemination. They also produced independent videos supportive of al Qaeda in Iraq and of Chechen Islamists. At one time the group ran a 24 hour online television station--The Caliphate Voice Channel. Members of the group were also responsible for "The Night of Bush Capturing" video game (below).

A Canadian GIMF member, Said Namouh (aka, "Nashraf"), helped out with English language propaganda before he was arrested for plotting terror attacks. Not so coincidentally, the group has its roots in the Yahoo "Global Islamic Media" group run by influential early Cnadian cyber jihadi called Abu Banan.

In addition to simply encouraging others to join al Qaeda and other Salafi jihad groups, the GIMF also raised money for them. GIMF is also well connected to al Qaeda branches in Somalia (they released a video of an American fighting in Somalia) and Palestine (it was GIMF that released the videos of a Fox News reporter being held hostage there).

I'll also note that while Charlotte based al Qaeda supporter Samir Khan (aka, "inshallahshaheed") claims he has no formal connection to the GIMF, the GIMF certainly knew Samir.

Yet another friend of Sammy in jail......

For more, see our extensive GIMF archives or a search of our archives.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:44 PM


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