Bill Ayers Lied People Died

William Ayers was in DC yesterday talking up his book "Fugitive Days". Due to the large crowd attending, the forum was moved to a church. Talk about ironic.

FReepers were there protesting the unrepentant terrorist visit. Unfortunately I am having problems posting one of their signs - "Ayers Lied People Died". Bestest poster evah. Be sure to follow the link for the images.

Here is the vid. Parts of it are blurry but the best sentence from a dissenter - "Why did you out Valerie Plame? Say what?

Check out what greets you when looking at Ayers book at Amazon

"Just so you know...* We're sorry! Some images in this book are not displayed per publisher request."
Hiding stuff already?

Update - Protest sign. Thanks "This Ain't hell"!


Posted by: Stable Hand at 02:22 AM


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