Taliban Threaten Paris

Vancuver Sun

DUBAI - The Taliban threatened to launch attacks in Paris unless France withdraws from Afghanistan, in a video aired by Al Arabiya television on Monday.
Strangely, the Taliban claimed responsibility for killing 10 French troops in August of this year but the message in the tape appears recent.

Taliban commander identified as Mullah Farouq:

"We have killed 10 French soldiers today as a message to the French so that they rectify their mistakes and withdraw from Afghanistan, and if they don't they will hear our response in Paris."
Taunting also in the video:
The video included footage of what appeared to be a French armoured unit being stalked by Taliban fighters. Some insurgents were later shown wearing uniforms of the French soldiers they had killed.

Taliban fighters killed the 10 French soldiers and wounded 21 in a major battle near the capital Kabul after ambushing their reconnaissance patrol in August, in the biggest single loss of foreign troops in combat there since 2001.

More than likely they want us to believe it recent. Scumbag goat humping assmaggots.

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