Karma: Canadian Taliban Supporter Kidnappped, Presumably by Taliban

Canadian Beverly Giesbrecht, who goes by the name Khadija Abdul Qahaar and who runs the Jihad Unspun website, has been kidnapped in Pakistan. She was in Pakistan making a documentary sympathetic to the Taliban.

In each and every case of a kidnapping I've publicly supported the hostage, regardless of political stances. Hostage taking is barbaric, inhumane, and a sign that the enemies we fight are, in fact, very different than us.

Perhaps I'm speaking out of anger, but in this case I offer no such support. Jihad Unspun is a cesspool of propaganda on behalf of the Taliban, of al Qaeda, and of other "resistance" movements which are at open war with the United States of America, Canada --Giesbrecht's country --, and Western civilization. She is an enemy living in our midsts and abusing our tolerance for free speech.

She is a modern Goebbels. As in the case of all of our enemies, I wish her only ill will. She's a mother, you might object. She does charity work, you might object. Goebbels was a decent father, I hear. He also threw fabulous parties. That didn't make him any less our enemy.

For instance, this recent article which speaks of the Taliban as "the mujahideen". You'll also notice that the author spoke to the Taliban commander by telephone and that of all the things to relay from Emir Ullah they choose to pass on the wish that Muslims pray for the Taliban.

Or a video they post (scroll down) of an al Qaeda in Iraq IED hitting a Bradley. What do they call AQI fighters? Again, the mujahideen.

Here is an image from their Osama bin Laden section. You'll notice that bin Laden's supporters are only fighting to support Islamic values.


This is a Google News source that once reported that a U.S. soldier killed an Iraqi girl on a bet. The woman is a traitor, plain and simple.

Payback is a bitch, isn't it?

Having said that, there have been a number of controversies surrounding Jihad Unspun within the online jihad community over the years. For instance there have been accusations from other eHadis that JUS prints disinformation to make some jihad movements look bad. There have even been denouncements of JUS as being run by the Canadian or Amarican governments as a honey trap for collecting intel on jihadis. I see no evidence of either of these things. Thee paranoia of the online jihad community is not to be out done by the paranoia of physical jihad community.

Weasel Zippers reprints the MSM story here. I understand Canada is doing all they can to secure Giesbrecht's release. Let's hope that isn't true.

UPDATE: Roggio has related thoughts, and notes several journos have been murdered after being kidnapped recently. Peshewar may be about to fall to the Taliban.....

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Posted by: Rusty at 11:39 AM


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