Obama Supporers Gaming Youtube and Websense to Suppress McCain's Ayers Video

The new McCain "Ayers" video has been astroturfed.

They are flagging is as "Adult Content".


A click from Little Green Footballs


Takes you the Youtube's verify age screen. The video has also been reported the Websense as "adult content"

I can access this video fine. All I get is the verify age and the, "This video may not be suitable for minors" warning. But the McCain video is blocked. I've reported the gaming to Websense.

Email editor@youtube.com

...to report this. Its almost as if Youtube did not even look at the video before blocking it. Or maybe they did?

Here's the ad the Neocommies don't want you to see.

Geesh these Kos Kids, DU and MYDDers would fit right in at Pravda.

Update: The Original Ayers video has been unblocked.

Heh, just in case.

Update II: Look you libtard astroturfing clowns. I'm not going to tolerate your crap on my copy of the vid. So GFYS!

Posted by: Howie at 01:01 PM


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