NPR Joins McCain Has Cancer Truthers

On the way back into the office I was listening to NPR which had a serious report about serious questions regarding McCain's unreleased medical records. Why, they asked, weren't McCain's people allowing the media full and unfettered access to his personal and private medical records? The people have a right to know!

Of course they never come out and say, "John McCain has cancer". They just raise unresolved questions about his skin cancer.

Oh and to be fair and balanced they spent about 15 seconds worrying the Barrack Obama used to smoke. But don't worry, he plays basketball.

People, I told you this was coming and mark my words: you're going to see more of this type of serious investigative journalism [which these days means a reporter reads a Daily Kos story linking some advocacy group pretending to be objective and raising serious questions] into two things: 1-McCain's health 2-Allegations that Sarah Palin is a right-wing nut.

One more thing you're going to hear, and dollars to donuts Andrew Sullivan is going to be all over this like white on rice: why isn't Sarah Palin releasing her medical records?

14 years after Newt Gingrich promised to cut off funding to National People's radio, here I am pissed off once again that I'm paying for this crap.

UPDATE: You're telling me this isn't orchestrated?

This is how you get the media to "ask the right questions" these days in three easy steps.

1) You post it to Kos.

Did I say three steps? Like Trollhammer, I'm bad at math.

Posted by: Rusty at 06:54 PM


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