No Publicis - Winner - Axelrod Connection

Okay I lied, it's Friday and I'm busy avoiding work as it is. So one more post.

Erick from Redstate sends this video along courtesy of -- I think -- Doug from Upland. When the story first broke he and others sent me links to a lot of different voiceover artists each claiming they knew who it was. My fellow Jawas were certain they knew [KNEW!!] who it was until the actress in question kindly wrote Merri back and said not me.

But after nearly a week of being away from it and now seeing the video he (or someone) made ...... I dunno, Doug might be on to something.

You'll notice that he doesn't mention the name of the Chicago area talent that he and some people at Free Republic think it belongs to. I won't either. I don't want her getting bombarded with hate mail, which is always the risk of naming somebody publicly involved in a scandal -- even if they were just hired help.

But some of you are intelligent enough to figure it out, so maybe you just want to email her and ask politely?

Also, remember that there may be legal considerations here. I know I've signed my fair share of non-disclosure agreements so she may not be able to legally reveal who hired her. But then again if this case has taught us anything it's that some people are sloppy and overlook tying up the loose ends. So, maybe there's no non-disclosure contract?

Also, keep this in mind: one of the things I learned while doing research for this was that the top voice over artists actually do most of their work from home studios and then simply e-mail their clients the finished product. So, it could be that the Chicago connection here is just incidental and that Winner really just liked the way she sounded from, well, I've no idea how you'd find the right voice. Maybe she does Moveon or Planned Parenthood ads, too? There could be other explanations.

Having said that, though, I really wish one more voice would be added for comparison. The one heard here at Axelrod's official website. Is it just me, or is it the same voice? And yes, Axelrod's AKP Media is in Chicago.

Also, Stable Hand has been trying to get one of us to link this all day so here it is:

Investigative reporter Ben Barrack is conducting a national talk show, encouraging all parties involved with both ads to provide the identity of their female voice-over talent and for Ethan Winner and others associated with the outright lies in the ad to issue a formal apology to Sarah Palin.
I don't know Ben Barrack or his work, but we appreciate the help.

Let's assume that Ethan is telling the truth and he was the sole force behind the ad. Even so, this is a major media scandal. The anti-Palin video is much worse than the anti-Hillary "Vote Different / Hillary 1984" ad made by Phil De Villis. That video sparked MSM interest [for instance, the New York Times] as to who made what amounted to a pretty mild attack on Hillary. When it was revealed that an employee of Blue State Digital with ties to the Obama campaign was behind it, De Villis he was forced to resign.

Has the world's 4th largest advertising firm, Publicis, demanded Ethan's resignation? [scoff]

MSM coverage of the Winner video has been limited to bloggers such as Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, and Amanda Carpenter bringing it up to them. Nothing else. Nada.

Attack Hillary: scandal.
Attack Palin: yawn.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:19 PM


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