VIDEO: Burning Down the House

Who's responsible for the current crisis? GOVERNMENT, and Democrat policies in particular. Sorry, Democrats. This idea that this is BOOSH'S or MCSAME'S fault is laughable at this point. You're entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts or your own historical record.

Outstanding video (and it's on Drudge!). It moves fast, so pay attention.

Five stars for victory? LOL

ht: Ace

ROTFLMFAO - The ever-honest, concerned citizens at Dumbocratic Underground are getting the vapors over this video and are hoping and praying it gets debunked. Because they know (as we do) that THE FACTS are not on their side - even if the polls are.

Good luck re-writing the contemporary history, kiddies! This mess was caused by your policies - SO GROW UP AND OWN THEM. Be brave. Play nice!

Another good vid (although the music is too loud to hear the incriminating audio beneath clearly): COVERING YOUR FANNIE

Posted by: Good Lt. at 01:42 PM


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