Rumor: Is Olbermann a Tumor on Kosí Ass?

OK, I just have to share this. There is no way of knowing for sure, but check out the compelling evidence.


Whenever Keith Olbermann, a major media figure, posts at the Daily Kos, his message always is 100% harmonious with Netroots values.

Others have said that Markos “talks out of his ass” and Keith is considered to be a major a******.



Iím not sure what to make of this. One one hand, malignant masses of cells have been known to kill people, but on the other hand this is one insightful case of sarcoma.


So, how should we react?

Accept and continue to love Kos because who among us doesn’t have Keith Olbermann in our pants?

Accept and continue to love Keith because who among us wouldn’t follow him to the ends of the earth even if he was a growth on someone’s ass?

Delete this post, it makes you look like an idiot and harms our cause more than it could possibly help it.

Kos and Keith in one package? Say no more!

Backstory here.

Posted by: Neocon at 11:20 PM


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