Democrat Nutroot Smear Machine Goes Into Overdrive

You knew it was coming. Less than two days after the pick, blog and article comment threads, forums and anywhere else discussing the story you can think of have been flooded with Obama's 16-year-old keyboard kommandos with every piece of conspiratorial bullsh*t they can manage to fling.

Jeff Goldstein has an astonishing roundup of the frothing letwingnut hysteria, rumor-generation, smears, lies and assorted other garbage from fetid swamps of Kos, DU and assorted sectors of Nutrootopia. Much of it is aimed at her pregnancies, her family and her children, her ability to raise children and do her job, etc. It is really a despicable sight to behold.

But hey - HOPE and CHANGE and NEW POLITICS and all that.

Bottom line: This VP pick has energized many a conservative, and they know it. That was the last thing the nuitroots wanted - they thought they were going to have an "old/rich/racist/sexist/homophobic/WASP/McSame/BlahBlahBlah Republican male ticket," which didn't happen.

It's hilarious watching them pull their hair out trying to keep their misogynist instincts suppressed. Amazing what one (attractive) non-Marxist, pro-woman executive can do to a nutosphere full of Marxist ideologues. They agitate for women to climb the ladder, and when one gets there, they're given an ideological purity test to see if they're the "right type (leftist)" of woman.

Palin failed the Marxist litmus test, and therefore "doesn't count." Just like Clarence Thomas "didn't count." Just like Condi Rice and Colin Powell "didn't count." Only candidates with little or no experience to lead the party's presidential ticket are acceptable, because they kiss the feet of Marx.

Got it? Typical Democrats: Rules for thee, but not for me.

Posted by: Good Lt. at 07:52 PM


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