Yemen Arrests Wanted Jihaddist, NOT

The lead of many news stories on Yemen today is something like: Yemeni authorities have arrested a leader of the Islamist Jihad movement (Khaled Abdel Nabi) in the south of the country after a five-year search, a security official said on Saturday.

Nabi is a leader of the Aden Abyan Islamic Army. The 2003 State Department Patterns of Terrorism report says Yemen repeatedly reported to the US that Nabi was dead but actually they released him. Officials in 2006 said Nabi was pardoned by President Saleh and living the life of a peaceful farmer. He is a graduate of Judge al-Hittar's rehabilitation program and was reported in Sa'ada, with his gang fighting against the Houthis and training tribesmen for the military.

Now he's a wanted terrorist that they have been chasing for five years? No, he's not.

Posted by: JaneNovak at 10:26 AM


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