DNC Chairman Piece of Sh*t Gleefully Wishes for Hurricanes to Destroy, Kill for Political Gain


Here's yet another of the "compassionate, level-headed, classy" Democrats taking a cue from the clouds of pollution escaping from Michel Moore's obese piehole and wishing a hurricane to hit the US so that the Democrats can...gain some kind of political advantage by the death, destruction and tragedy.

The next time you see this creep - Don Fowler (D), chairman of the DNC, throw him down a flight of stairs and laugh at him. Then tell him there must be a God because his arm is broken, and that his injury is good because it helps the other political party.

This is what the Democrat party has become - sick, twisted, foul, soulless pieces of excrement interested solely in how exploiting death, tragedy, uncontrollable natural disasters and pain can benefit them. They're as bad as any 9-11 Truther selling DVDs who profit from the death of the victims and the tragedy. They're as bad as the Fred Phelps clan - EVERYTHING, no matter how unrelated, is about advancing the ideology and forcing the interpretation of any event through their ideological and political prism. They can't separate politics from real life any more, and this is the end result.

Stay classy, Democrats. Stay classy.

Posted by: Good Lt. at 08:09 AM


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