MSNBC Sycophant Roots for Hurricane?

Tonight was the first time I watched MSNBC in a long time. Its become the lunatic channel apparently, with no attempt at professionalism whatsoever. The channel's forte seems to be nasty personal attacks, fatuous suck-uppery (see below) and delusional, self congratulatory statements of self-importance.

Keith Olberman couldn't keep the anticipation out of his voice discussing the prospect of hurricane Gustav coinciding with the Republican convention. He seems to be hoping for a disaster. How sickening. Peggy Noonan notes that in the Democrat's world, everyone has exploding feet, and on MSNBC, the Obamamessiah makes certain MSNBC hosts hear music.

"Everybody is sick in their world. Everybody is an unhappy, unwed single mother whose feet are exploding," Noonan said, (watch here) . "I'm actually putting a little edge on my criticism just to make up for the fact that on MSNBC last night somebody said, quote, 'it wasn't a speech: it was a symphony.' I'm sorry; I won't even name who did it. I am here to balance that bit of fatuous -- fatuous suck-upping!"

And now the knives are out for the lovely Sarah. Its amazing how dismissive and self-righteous some broadcasters without ever considering the demographic of their audience. They are discussing the "gullibility level of women" within a one sided presentation of all the candidates.

Apparently there's only room in this campaign for one American story, one unlikely candidate, and that's the big O, with his years of community service. Palin's journey from PTO, to Ethics Committee, to Mayor, to Governor, to VP candidate is somehow not drawing any accolades from the leftists, even in passing. Its a sad commentary on the enduring liberal bias against women, wives and mothers who celebrate those identities without claims of victimhood.

(HT on Breitbart, Fausta)

Update: NRO: “For 42 minutes, not a sour note,” Olbermann declared at the conclusion of Obama’s nomination acceptance speech at Denver’s Invesco Field. “And spellbinding in a way usually reserved for works of fiction . . . almost a fully realized, tough, crisp, insistent speech in tone in the sense of cutting through the clutter. I’d love to find something to criticize about it,” he said to his MSNBC co-anchor.

Posted by: JaneNovak at 10:28 PM


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