She's the One: So How Do You Feel Now?



I say GREAT F-ING PICK for Team JohnnyMac. The Republican ticket just got a red hot jolt of SEXY.

I've already detected a few undeniable "sneers" from various CNN correspondents and anchors through the stories on Palin. They hate this. They don't know what to do, because this is a curve ball they didn't see coming.

Let us know in the comments what you think. Are ya fired up? Are you 'eh?' Bad idea?

AllahP says we've got nothing to lose this year except for everything, so why not mix the salad up a bit and make the Republican ticket a bit more, er, easy on the eyes.

And if it doesn't pan out, there's always the ANTEATER. Don't forget to add any cool facts about Sarah Palin in the comments.

Optional video of acceptance speech below fold ->>>

Awesome Update by Rusty: Looks like I'm not the only one into little known facts about Sarah Palin:

# Sarah Palin paid her way through school by hunting for yeti pelts with a slingshot.
# Sarah Palin knows the location of DB Cooperís body because she threw him from the plane.
# The Northern Lights are really just the reflection from Sarah Palinís eys.
# The raw energy of Sarah Palin melts the Alaskan ice roads every spring.

Posted by: Good Lt. at 05:04 PM


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