Mark Levin on McCain-Palin : "Count Me in With Both Feet"

Posted at The Corner:

Few have been more critical of Sen. McCain than I, both here and on my radio show. And I have long said on my radio show that his selection of a running-mate will be key in determining my enthusiasm for his candidacy. If McCain has, in fact, chosen Gov. Palin, then count me in with both feet. It would be a terrific choice.

Palin is by all accounts a principled conservative and government reformer who can contribute mightily to the decision-making that occurs in the White House. She has more executive experience in her two years as governor than Obama, Biden, and McCain combined. She is a mother of five in what appears to be a loving and functioning family. And she is someone Republicans, conservatives, and others can rally behind in the future.

I'm not sure I'm "in with both feet" yet, but Palin is a game-changer. I gots me some thinkin' to do.

UPDATE : Rush sez : "Itís an inspired choiceÖ this is absolutely fabulous."

Hillary fans are beside themselves.

Allah maps out the pitfalls for Obama-Biden:

The good news is that everyone to the right of the nutroots will be rooting for her to do well, so personally appealing and comparatively guileless is she. Thatíll buy her some leeway, as will the fact that Team Barry has to tread lightly when attacking a small-town girl in the year of PUMAs and Bittergate.
While he also sees pitfalls for the McCain-Palin team, our beloved pessimistic blogger lauds the pick:
Not only is this the most galvanizing pick Maverick could have made, but the thought of watching progressives tie themselves in knots over the next two months trying to square the inevitable attacks on the ďbimboĒ beauty queen with poor, poor Hillaryís sexist treatment by the media is worth it even if we lose. Imagine the sort of crap thatíll be airing against her on MSNBC come mid-October. I havenít cut a check for a candidate since 2004, but Iím suddenly inspired. Hereís the link.

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