Another Leak: Palin is VP Pick

MSNBC reports that it's Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

So, let's run down the McCain VP "leak" list so far:


I think this says something about my confidence level in those reporting that they have a "friend in the inner circles of the campaign". Yeah right. And I have a "friend in the inner circles of the Pitt/Jolie bedroom".

Every single candidate mentioned so far, including Palin, claims they won't be in Dayton today. So, someone is lying or it's going to be a dark horse after all.

My money's still on Romney. But since Barrack "I am the humble son of an inconsequential white woman and black man" Obama is turning the campaign in to one of identity politics, maybe the Mav will choose Condi Rice? Hey, it could happen.

Update by Howie: CNN is running a red banner that says that Sarah Palin is the pick.

You know why this sucks? I'll be working when the official announcement comes. Stupid "the man" always keeping me down.

Thanks to Michelle.

Posted by: Rusty at 09:06 AM


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