Six Americans Jailed in Yemen

One was a former drug criminal who converted to Islam in US prison. He was thrown in jail in Yemen without charges. He was hoping to study Islam at a hard core Salafi institute in Maber, Yemen. His wife complained about the lack of rights in Yemen. Kind of ironic, yes?

Philly News: "They told me there were no formal charges," Calloway-Gould said. "With their government, they do what they want to do, when they want to do it. Here, he has rights. Over there, there are no rights...."

Gould said that her husband had planned the trip to Yemen for a year to study Islam and Arabic with an imam in Mabar....

In November 2006, he was released from state prison on drug-related charges, his wife said....

Though his father was Muslim, he did not study Islam until his most recent jail term.

Dar al-Hadith is a network of educational institutes in Yemen that teaches fundamentalist Salafism and attracts students from around the word. The main school is in Dammaj and is repeatedly referenced as a terrorist training center by the US military at the Guantanamo proceedings. The second largest Dar al-Hadith institute is in Maber headed by Sheik Mohammed al-Imam al-Reimi.

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