LOL: Algore Pwns Environment with Fleet of Gas Guzzlers

Thanks, Algore! I have to not only breathe in the noxious fumes emitting from your overfed piehole every day somewhere on my beloved planet, but now we have to all choke on the pollution from your entourage of SUVs and Towncars. Very "environmentally conscious" of you as you travel around peddling smake oil to the masses.

Watch the Gorebots get completely pwn3d by Americans for Prosperity as they stutter to rationalize both their hypocrisy and the desire to ruin the economy.

And see Algore's gas-guzzling, carbon-spewing train of vehicles. BOW DOWN BEFORE THE LEADER, GOREBOTS. ALL IS WELL.

ht: MM

Posted by: Good Lt. at 08:58 PM


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