Berkeley Anti-Marine Protests Causes Local Company To Relocate

Daily Californian

A software company in Downtown Berkeley has announced it will be relocating outside of the city, citing what they claim is a "non-response" to crime by Berkeley police officers, who are forced instead to deal with protests at the Marine recruiting center.

Avontus Software, which has been based in Berkeley for more than a year, is one of many businesses affected by anti-war protests surrounding the recruiting center.

The city's decision to support Code Pink and other anti-war groups protesting the center by granting noise and parking permits has been detrimental to the business climate, according to Brian Webb, Avontus Software chief executive officer.

"All they're doing is giving our city negative press-they're removing our businesses," Webb said. "I actually have had to remove our address from our Web site because we received negative feedback from our customers about being here."

Webb's complaint is one of many the city has received about demonstrations disrupting business Downtown.

Hmmm, the Berkeley City Council must be "proud" of themselves supporting the Code Pink crowd instead of their local businesses. Frankly, they need to get their heads out of their arses.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 11:16 AM


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