Burning the Quran in Iran

An Iranian with some balls. He's posting video of Islam's holy book, the Quran, burning in protest of Iran's abysmal human rights record:

I have decided to set Quran on fire as long as Islamic dictatorship of Iran:

1. doesn't commit to Universal Declaration of Human Rights rules;
2. doesn't stop executions;
3. doesn't free students and opposition from prison;
4. doesn't bring justice in Judiciary system and society.

I believe religious disobedience is the key to save Iranian people from ruling mullahs. They preach that Islam is religion of peace and freedom which is a hypocrisy in reality.

So as long as this hypocrisy goes in Iran, this fire is on Quran and I will continue to do so for unlimited time. Also I encourage you to set fire on Quran in every corner and leave the rest of it in the city because this movement should spread itself among everyday people.

Ballsy anywhere in the world. Practically suicidal if he's really burning the Quran from within the bounds of the Islamic Republic.

I was about to e-mail the brave Iranian and warn him that his whois record could possibly lead to his death since the Mullah's don't take kindly to Koran burning, but it looks like we finally have a winner in the coveted find me a legitimate excuse for whois obfuscation award race.

The other night on Jawa Radio I mentioned that I thought that it was in poor taste of me to sponsor the Karnival of the Koran Krappings many moons ago. In fact, I admitted that I was trying to be a jerk and piss people off given that people were rioting and killing all because a book had been flushed down a toilet--an allegation that later turned out to be false.

But this Quran burning? Quite different I'd say. I just hope whoever is behind it doesn't get himself killed.

Click on the image to go over to the "Fire on Quran" website and watch the video.


Thanks to Brian for the tip.

Posted by: Rusty at 05:11 PM


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