Kinsley Attempts Irony--or Sarcasm--or Maybe Both; Fails On All Counts

I'm guessing Michael Kinsley is trying to make some sort of point to the effect that the hullabaloo about Imam Rev. Jeremiah Wright is just a bunch of silly, meaningless political correctness gone out of control. If so, I'm guessing he's never heard Wright's comments, he doesn't understand the relationship between Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama or he's being willfully deceptive. In any event, to the extent he's trying to say that racist, anti-American and anti-Israel vitriol spewed weekly by a candidate's spiritual and political advisor is no more significant to a political race than an isolated personal insult uttered by a candidate's family member, Kinsley's article is far from the mark:

First of all, I unequivocally dissociate myself from remarks by my second cousin to the effect that my worthy opponent is a "prize bitch." My cousin is a dog breeder and thought she was being complimentary. She did not appreciate that such phraseology could give offense to certain segments of the population who are unfamiliar with dogs. Nevertheless, there is no room for canine imagery in a national political campaign, and Cousin Maisie has dropped out of our family in order to avoid causing any distraction from the central issues that we ought to be debating, such as terrorism and health care.
By the way, when and if Barack Obama ever feels inclined to begin talking about some actual policies in some actual meaningful detail, I'm sure we'd be all ears. For my part, I won't be holding my breath.

h/t : HotAir

Posted by: Ragnar at 05:52 PM


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