Jeremiah Wright Scrubbed From Obama Website

AllahP has the right take. Sweetness and Light has the catch.

Hey! Obama's just been extended family to this guy for 20 years and has tithed tens of thousands of dollars to this church. How can you expect him to know what the preacher actually preached in the sermons every week?

Obama isn't SUPERMAN, after all, wingnuts! Except when it comes to extinguishing division, war, poverty, racism, hate, disease, etc. Obama would be able to do these things if it weren't for the multi-headed chimera of division and the vast right wing conspiracy.

Oh, and of course, the Church is reacting like a bunch of right-wing reactionaries and is blaming the media for writing Rev. Wright's sermons for him. Or for daring to actually cover the hate speech spewed each week in the church. Or something.

Newsbusters found a video of Obama lavishing praise on Rev. Wright last year, but it has already been scrubbed by YouTube. Somebody there was apparently afraid others might actually, you know, see it. (ht: LGF) The video can be viewed here.


Where is the media on this? Why aren't they digging furiously like we all know they'd be digging if this were the 20-year pastor/spiritual adviser of John McCain (R)?

Posted by: Good Lt. at 05:23 PM


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