Berkeley Anti-Marine Protesters Claim Abuse By Berkeley PD

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Berkeley protesters are accusing the Berkeley Police Deptartment of abusing them during protests. I bet the Berkeley PD would love to do that but are civil in their dealings with these moonbats.

Code Pink, The World Can't Wait, and Berkeley Cop Watch attended a Berkeley Police Review Commission meeting without representation from the police department...naturally!

East Bay Express

Antiwar protesters lambasted the Berkeley Police Department — accusing officers of knocking them down and stomping them, among other things — at last night's Berkeley Police Review Commission meeting to review a petition regarding police crowd control tactics allegedly used last month on said protesters outside the downtown U.S. Marine Corps recruitment office.

Representatives from World Can't Wait, Code Pink, and Berkeley Copwatch talked and showed video clips of demonstrations. The BPD went unrepresented.

A series of protesters took the mic. One lamented "belligerent riot squads who use batons and arrests ... to silence political speech." Another claimed that "the Berkeley Police Department has committed acts of violence that ... create a climate of fear." Another described "a very marked escalation of hostility and physical violence on the part of the Berkeley Police Department" against people protesting "this disastrous, immoral, criminal war."

A Code Pink member described her group as "risking our lives" by protesting, because "there are people willing to kill to get what they want."

"Risking their lives" my arse. As stated further in the article the protesters encourage high school students to attend the rallies. Now get this...the protest groups stand behind the students. Kinda reminds me of human shields Hamas and other terrorist groups use. Cowards all of them.

Berkeley Independent School District Spokesman had this to say about one of the groups:

Interviewed yesterday, Berkeley Unified School District spokesman Mark Coplan voiced a different take on this. He has nothing against antiwar protests in general and attends them often, but he says World Can't Wait "just want to create disruption, to incite some type of negative response from police officers or other authorities." He says World Can't Wait regularly tries to make inroads at BHS, but are prohibited because "we will never be able to work with a group that encourages kids to walk out of classes."

World Can't Wait, Coplan says, actively advocates truancy among kids who are "fourteen, fifteen - literally babies," by giving them free logo shirts and bandannas and "getting them to hang out [at protests] all day. World Can't Wait thrives on those young kids, whom they use, telling them to line up against the cops, telling them, ‘The cops can't make you move. You have rights.'"

Maybe the next thing on the agenda for these groups is get the teenagers to do the Heil Hitler or Nazi salute?

KTVU Baysider has videos of the protests. I will have to hand it to the BPD, I wouldn't have stayed as level headed as they did.

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