More Pics of Ashley Alexandra Dupré

UPDATE: New pics of Ashley Alexandra Dupré from Girls Gone Wild and at the Level 5 nightclub here.

Yeah, I'm probably going to hell, but here are some pics I found of Ashley Alexandra Dupré, aka "Kristen", better known as Elliot Spitzer's high class ho. Some may have seen these already, but I hadn't. Just putting them up before her call-girl friends realize they have pics plastered all over the internet and start taking them down.

Ashley is in the middle.

More pics below.

I got no excuse. The Jawa Report isn't the New York Times. What's their excuse?

UPDATE: Just to clarify, these pics are not from Ashley's MySpace page, they are from the MySpace pages of her friends. Most of those pages have now been closed from public viewing, and I imagine many more pics are up on them but are now not publicly accessible.

More pics below.

Who the hell are these lucky guys hanging out with Dupre and friends in the Hamptons?



Posted by: Rusty at 06:17 PM


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